Which Is The Best Eyelash Grower?

As the numbers of beauty products come to the market, a lot of people want to know which is the best eyelash grower. You can usually find one for between $5 and up to over a $100, but deciding which is the right one for you is difficult. Additionally, depending on where you live, not all Semi Permanent Individual Lashes grower serums will be available as some are specific to the US or the UK. That’s certainly not to say you can’t get them anywhere else, but the choice may be more limited.

Semi Permanent Individual Lashes
Semi Permanent Individual Lashes

Hnrol A common problem when deciding which is the best Semi Permanent Individual Lashes grower for you, is working out just how much product is in the tube and how long it will last! Some report overall shipping weight, some the actual amount of serum in fluid ounces and others in ml and this makes it confusing to decide which is best value. Broadly speaking, one ounce of actual product will last around two months if you use it correctly. There is little point trying to speed things up by using it more frequently as it won’t make any difference.

Do not get confused by lash enhancers when looking for an Semi Permanent Individual Lashes  grower. A lash enhancer conditions and improves the look of what you already have, while a growth serum will also do this, it will stimulate lash growth as the name implies.

Check carefully the claims made about “clinical trials” as these frequently give no real evidence. Usually, there are just a few pictures of some of the successes without stating the sample size or any statistical analysis etc.

One thing to look out for are some known products that may cause unwanted side effects. For example, prostaglandin may in some cases cause some degree of eye colour change. Methylchloroisothiazalinone when found in high quantities, may cause changes in pigmentation around the eye. These are not the only possible ingredients that can cause similar problems but be assured; products do need to be of a certain standard to be available for sale in the first place.

There are some instances of these products causing irritation (although some claim they don’t) and frankly, I think you will find that some people will be fine with certain products but not with others. It’s a bit of a lottery but in general terms, it is worth trying an Semi Permanent Individual Lashes grower serum out and if you are unlucky, just stop using it immediately. It is doubtful that anything really horrific will occur as I’ve been unable to find evidence that it does.

While I hope it helps, please do your own research before deciding which is the best eyelash grower for you.

Semi Permanent Individual Lashes
Semi Permanent Individual Lashes

If you would like to view a few basic eyelash grower reviews , please visit www.eyelashgrower. There, you will also find a lot of other useful information about other ways to increase the length and volume of your eyelashes.


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