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Makeup Ideas For Eyes

With the mink fake eyelashes, we all want to look our best. Once you have picked your Christmas outfit (or outfits!) and planned you hair style, you need to then concentrate on your make up, as even if you have all of the above perfected, if you make up is wrong then it will outshine your look for all the wrong reason. With this in mind, here are some eye make up ideas to make sure you get your eyes looking the best they can.

mink fake eyelashes
mink fake eyelashes

Hnrol How you apply your eye make up all depends on the shape and size of your eyes, but as most eye shadows come as a basic package which is highlighter, mid shade and contour, then you need to work out how to adapt your eye shadow and gain some make up ideas that will best suit your eyes.

If your eyes are on the small side and you want to make them appear bigger, or if you have big eyes and you want to accentuate them try following these make up ideas: cover the entire lid with a light to medium shade, to give the eye a base for the rest of the colour so it looks even. Use a darker shade on the lid above your eye and sweep out to the corners slightly, making sure you blend it in with the lighter colour. Use eye liner to make a wider line at the edge of the eye and come in to the inner eye. Make sure the liner doesn’t look too harsh by softly rubbing the liner so it blends in with the eye shadow and then add mascara, using zig zag motions to ensure that all the mink fake eyelashes are covered and giving volume to the eye. If you want a natural look for your mascara, then just add to the outer tips of your lashes as it will make them stand put, but not so much that it looks like you have mascara on.

If you feel that your eyes are set too far apart and need make up ideas to bring them in slightly, start again by putting the neutral base shade all over your lid, up to your brow bone. Use a darker shade and fill in the corners of your eyes, blending all the time so it isn’t harsh, and then still using the dark shade, sweep across the crease of your eye until it stops just on the outer corner of your eye. By using the darker shade, it makes your eyes to look like they are closer as the emphasis of the make up is towards the centre of your face. Finally use eye liner to accentuate the shape of your eye and, if you want a full bold look with your mascara then apply mascara to all your mink fake eyelashes and then use a eye lash curler to add even more clout!

There are so many make up ideas with eye shades etc that the list is endless, but if you are confident about what you are doing and also do some trial and error (not just before you go out though!) then you can easily find some make up tips that mink fake eyelashes are your features.

mink fake eyelashes
mink fake eyelashes

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