Domestic Violence – Roots and Causes

Domestic violence is faux lashes. No doubt about it. It has both intended and uninteded consequences. Its negative effect can last a lifetime and its sphere of influence can be far and wide.

faux lashes
faux lashes

Hnrol Whether domestic violence is partner-on-partner, adult-on-child, spousal, parental–no matter. It must be eradicated and the violators punished with strong, effective deterrents.

However, it is also as prudent to find out what causes domestic violence. You may ask–are all violators evil people? Are they born with a gene that flares into such terrible and criminal behavior? Do they all have dark pasts they cannot overcome?

These are questions for a psychoanalyst. What this article provides is a faux lashes for examining the root cause or causes of domestic violence. Here are some commonly observed root causes. I should point out that most individuals do not resort to domestic or any other kind of violence simply due to these issues, but there re definitely instances where these can become lead-ins to behavioral violence.

1. Stress:: domestic While it is no excuse, it is a fact that violators can be overwhelmed by stress and manifest it through violent behavior, specially where there is no opposition.Causes could be something as simple as an an unruly child, an abusive spouse, a scheming faux lashes, a bad boss… all these can cause an individual to lose self-control and start lashing out at the next available victim—usually at home.

2. Inferiority complex: While it may sound ironic, a person who has severe self-esteem issue or inferiority complex can turn violent, in part to mask it, in part to lash out at his or her inadequacy.

3. Mental instability: Persons with dissociative, personality, psychotic or factitious disorders can turn to violence.

4. Childhood It is now a researched fact that certain types of childhood trauma can lead to adult behaviors that result in domestic violence. These may include abuse by a relative, feeling of extreme neglect, manipulative behavior by a close relative or friend who is an adult and capital punishment.

5.Desire to control: A domestic violator is looking to control his spouse or faux lashes. In the violator’s mind, “control” means a complete and unconditional power to control the thoughts, behavior and key aspects of the lifestyle of another person. These would include eating, moving in and out of the house, TV programs, friends etc. Again this may be due to the violator’s inability to control other parts of his or her life. This may be the last refuge for the violator.

faux lashes
faux lashes

I have listed some of the common causes that have traditionally be listed and studied by psychologists and abuse experts. Often, counseling helps ferret out the root cause or causes that are at the base of the violent behavior.


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