How to Easily Create a Day to Night Makeup Look

We’ve all been there before, the last minute invitation to a dinner party after work. This leaves you absolutely no time to go home and refresh your make up. It’s completely understandable that in today’s world, which is full of the working, career-oriented business women, that our schedules leave us little to no time for touching up our makeup. Here are some quick and easy faux eyelash extensions from makeup professionals to help turn your day time make up look to a fabulous night time look in no time.

faux eyelash extensions
faux eyelash extensions

Hnrol The first step in being able to flawlessly go from day to night is to start with a polished day time look which can be added to later on.


It is important to start with a fresh base which can be achieved using a good cleanser and moisturizer. To finish preparing the faux eyelash extensions, apply a primer. A primer will smooth the base and help the foundation to stay on for longer. Once you have prepared the base, follow with a foundation that matches your skin and is evenly blended in. Then finish with a translucent powder.


Next apply make up to your cheeks. Professionals recommend using a cream blush followed by a powder in a pop of color. It is recommended that your cheeks have a just pinched look. You could also top your cheeks off with some translucent powder or bronzer for a hint of shimmer and staying power to last you all day.


A great day time look for your eyes is a nice neutral tone that you can build on later for your night time look. To achieve this look start with a matte neutral all over the eye lid. Next apply a shimmery dusting of an faux eyelash extensions shadow which will give you a pretty shine throughout the day and help you to transition this look later. For your day time look, try just lining your upper lids with eye liner instead of upper and lower.


Lips also need to start out with a good foundation. Apply a moisturizing lip balm in the morning and reapply throughout the day. You can add a lip gloss on top of your lip balm for a shimmer and color throughout the day.

Now to turn your beautiful day look into a dramatic night time look; You will need to have a few supplies handy. If your face tends to get oily throughout the day, have some tissues on hand to blot the oil, then conceal where needed and finish your base touch up with a dusting of powder. You may want to add a bit more colour to the apple of your cheeks and bronzing highlighter to chin, cheeks and t-zone. To turn your eyes into that sexy, dramatic night time look you will need to have eyeliner, mascara and an eye lash curler. Now is when you can add some eyeliner to your lower lids and reapply to your upper lids if necessary. Next you should curl your eye faux eyelash extensions and add a coat or two of mascara for that extra voluminous look. For your lips you can add a pop of color. For example, this season reds and plums are the hottest colors so add a dramatic color to really spice up your night time look. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can easily turn your day time look into a night time look.

faux eyelash extensions
faux eyelash extensions

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