How To Grow Longer Eyelashes Perfectly Naturally

It can be frustrating to look at children and note how beautiful and lush their band eyelashes are, when you look in the mirror and find your own to be sparse and thin. It is normal as we age for your eyelashes to diminish, but it does not have to be that way. There are ways to grow longer eyelashes naturally, without salon treatments, medications, or surgery. There are a few options for growing longer eyelashes naturally that you can try in the comfort of your home.

band eyelashes
band eyelashes

Natural Lubricants

Hnrol Cheap and easy to find at any grocery store or drug store, natural lubricants like petroleum jelly will actually make your band eyelashes stronger. This will ensure that they will not fall out so quickly. Eyelashes that last longer will have time to grow longer naturally. Carefully apply the product you choose to your lashes at night before you go to bed and gently wash it off each morning. You will see results in just a couple of weeks.

Cut Down On Product

It is a vicious cycle; you want your band eyelashes to appear longer and thicker, so you use more mascara. However, the weight of the makeup and the efforts to remove it are hard on your eyelashes and actually work against your goal of growing longer eyelashes naturally. In addition, heavy makeup applications prevent the flow of air to your eyelash follicles. As you begin your evening ritual of adding natural lubricants to your lashes, step away from the mascara for a while and you will see a big difference.

Another Home Remedy

To be used along with your natural lubricants and not instead of them, a regular treatment using glycerine or an egg white combined with castor oil will strengthen your band eyelashes further. This fortifying treatment should be used in small doses. Add two droppers of the mixture to a mascara brush or to your fingertips and apply. Over time, this treatment will support your other efforts to grow longer eyelashes naturally.

Control Your Dandruff

It may seem unrelated, but the conditions that cause you to experience dandruff can affect your band eyelashes as well. Of course, treating your scalp will do nothing for your eyes, but being sure that you drink plenty of fluids and eat right so that your skin is healthy and moisturized from the inside out will help you prevent dandruff and grow longer eyelashes naturally. Very often, those eating habits that make us healthy also help us with many other cosmetic issues.

band eyelashes
band eyelashes

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