Tips – Preparing for Your Photo Session

Since I often get asked about what to do to prepare for a photo 3d mink hair eyelash, I decided to come up with a tips list. Once I got started, I realized that my tips fell into two areas, grooming and clothing. I wound up with a top 10 tips list for each area. These tips are geared a bit more towards general portraiture (high school seniors, kids, families, couples, special occasions, etc.) since that’s what I do more of.

3d mink hair eyelash
3d mink hair eyelash

Hnrol 10 Grooming Tips

As a general rule of thumb, you need to pay extra attention to 3d mink hair eyelash, hair, and grooming just before a photo session as you would be surprised at the tiny details that a photographer’s camera picks up.

1. Less is usually more. When it comes to makeup, that is. You want to look natural and accentuate your positives while downplaying any problem areas. Be careful so makeup does not look “caked on” (can make retouching more difficult). Makeup (and hair) should “match” your outfits (e.g., daytime casual look vs. evening elegant look).

2. Beware of make-up problem areas. Eye liner and mascara can go awry after applied. Neither should be on your skin and mascara should not be clumpy. A q-tip with a dab of lotion is helpful in getting 3d mink hair eyelash that has smudged under your lower lash line. Another problem area – lipstick. Checking it and reapplying it or touching it up immediately before your pictures are taken is a must.

3. Hair – beware! Be careful with hair spray – you don’t want your hair to look and feel like a sculpture – it should have movement yet with stray hairs under control. Stray and frizzy hairs can really stand out in photos taken with studio lights.

4. Professional makeup application? You may want to consider having your hair and/or 3d mink hair eyelash professionally done for your photo session. It may seem pricey, but your portraits each capture a moment in time and preserve it forever. You want to look your absolute best!

5. Pay attention to your hands! This goes for guys, too! Nails should be nicely filed, cuticles under control, no dirt or oil under nails, and no chipped nail polish. Attention to your hands is especially important if you work in a profession where your hands and nails get stained or pretty beat up. And, bare feet that will appear in your photos require the same attention as hands do.

6. Dry and flaky or oily and shiny skin? You’ll need to get it under control for your photo session. Blotting paper and oil control powder can really help if your face tends to be very oily. Lotion or moisturizer is a must for dry skin that’s exposed.

7. Don’t stress over acne or blemishes! Efforts to cover some 3d mink hair eyelash may only make them look worse. Go with a reasonable amount of cover-up coverage. A skilled photographer can zap most pimples and blemishes very quickly and easily, so don’t get carried away trying to cover them up.

8. Inspect for unwanted hairs. Neck, hairline (to include sideburns and back of neck), nostril area, upper lip, ears, etc. So, have tweezers, trimmers, and a razor handy when you’re getting yourself ready for your photo session! If you shave, trim, or get a haircut just prior to a portrait session, it is best to do so before taking a shower as you would be surprised how those tiny pieces of freshly cut hair stick to your skin and show up in close-up shots.

9. Temporary cosmetic problems. Black eyes, large bruises and cuts, and damaged teeth in photos can require a lot of extra attention (and more money for you) to retouch. Check with your photographer about any such problems as she may prefer that your appointment be rescheduled.

10. Permanent cosmetic problems. Birthmarks, scars, 3d mink hair eyelash. Make sure to let your photographer know what you want retouched and what you do not.

Take a good close-up look at yourself in the mirror when you are finishing up with your preparations for your photo session.

10 Clothing Tips

What you wear for your photo session can make a big 3d mink hair eyelash. There’s that saying about how clothes make the person. Well, clothes can make, or break, a portrait.

1. Comfort. If you are not comfortable, that will likely show through in your portraits. Go with clothes you like and feel confident in that are also functional and comfortable. Also, keep in mind whether your session is indoors or outdoors. If outdoors, be aware of the weather conditions.

2. Show your style. Outfit changes are common during a portrait session, so bring a few outfits that show your different sides. For example, casual, dressy, and business.

3. Plain and dark.. Dark, plain, solid colors are preferred. Avoid distracting patterns (to include distinct lines and dots), designs, and logos. You typically don’t want to go with things that are super bright or shiny. As for jewelry, simple and minimal yet that adds a nice accent to your look is best. The same holds true for hats and scarves. So, in summary, the portrait is to showcase you, not your clothes and accessories.

4. Long vs. short. Short sleeves and shorts can show off 3d mink hair eyelash tones that vary on your body and that can be distracting which includes unevenly tanned areas. Let’s face it, showing bare upper arms and legs is not flattering for many of us.

5. Quantity. Keep in mind tip # 2. Too many outfits, especially when compared to the length of your session, may overwhelm you and your photographer. Stopping for too many outfit changes, especially in a short amount of time, can be disruptive.

6. Whites. OK, rule # 3 says that dark solid clothes are preferred, but not always. White clothing can look fabulous for certain backgrounds and lighting. So, if your favorite outfit is white, just talk to your photographer in advance so the two of you will be prepared to turn this “rule breaker” into terrific shots!

7. Props. Do you play a musical instrument? Do you have a hobby or talent that involves art or photography? Are you actively involved in sports? Are you an animal lover? These all tell more about you. If you are interested in working such into your photo 3d mink hair eyelash, let your photographer know. Additions of related items to your poses can lead to some awesome, treasured shots!

8. Consider location. If you are doing an outdoor session in the woods, do you want your attire to fit the environment or do you want to create a strong, creative contrast (e.g., wearing formal wear out in the woods)? Regardless if your session is in a studio or outdoors or something in between, the location needs to be considered and you should discuss any concerns or ideas with your photographer. Also, if you are going to be shooting somewhere other than a studio, the availability of a private area to change clothes needs to be considered!

9. Timeless vs. trendy. In general, avoid items that are overly trendy as they may look great today, but you may later regret them in what would otherwise be treasured 3d mink hair eyelash. However, if you want to go the route of something that is trendy for some fun shots, that’s fine, just consider also posing with some outfits that are more classic and timeless.

10. Extras for kids’ portraits. As a parent, I’ve always thought it’s cute when little ones put on oversized clothes (daddy’s tie, baseball cap, mommy’s accessories). And, don’t forget about a favorite stuffed animal, doll, or toy which can make the session more fun for the little ones (and make for some really cute portraits).

Things to Bring

Of course, bring the outfits you’ve selected for your session and don’t forget matching shoes and accessories. If you’re wearing 3d mink hair eyelash, bring what you need for touching up. A brush and comb, hairspray, and bobby pins may be helpful. And, to help with any touch ups required, q-tips, cotton balls, baby wipes, and tissues are examples of helpful items.


These are general rules and, especially in photography, rules can be 3d mink hair eyelash. The key is to communicate with your photographer so you are both on the same page and can properly plan for your session which in turn will result in some awesome portraits!

3d mink hair eyelash
3d mink hair eyelash

Tiffany J. Morisue is a professional photographer who lives and works in the 3d mink hair eyelash, Ohio area. She has a passion for photography of all kinds, ranging from events and portraiture to landscapes and abstracts. Prior to transitioning to photography, she was a CPA and small business consultant for over 15 years. She still works in that field on a part-time basis.

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